How to Build an Audience in 2020 (and Beyond)


Hey there, Brian Clark here. It’s been a minute, right?

Along those lines, a lot has changed in my world since we sold StudioPress to WP Engine in 2018.

Basically, after the deal closed in June of that year, I went on sabbatical. My family and I traveled the world into 2019, and I took my first real break in 18 years.

Then while I was in New Zealand that spring, we sold our Rainmaker division as well. An era came to a close.

After an amazing 13-year run of creating and launching software, courses, digital communities, and conferences that made up a bootstrapped 8-figure business, we were back to how it all started: the one-man site I started in 2006 called Copyblogger.

But the changes weren’t done quite yet. My business partners took buy-out offers, which brought in Darrell and Tim to join Stefanie and me as the “new” Copyblogger.

It goes without saying that the broader world has drastically changed as well. And that includes the fast-moving realm of content and digital business.

Building the right audience is still at the core of an effective marketing and entrepreneurial strategy. But how to best do it has changed, and I’m still practicing what I preach.

I’d like to share with you what I’m doing with Further and Unemployable, two side projects that became businesses upon my return to the States.

Beyond audience-building, this strategy I’m sharing allows you to discover what your audience wants to buy … which is the key to building a thriving small business in the digital age.

It’s a meaty topic, so I’ve put together a free six-part audio course (with transcripts) to lay it all out for you.

It’s called Next Level 7. It’s an incremental process that can lead to a 7-figure business without employees or investors. Of course, it’s up to you how much you want to grow your business!

Whether you’re currently a freelancer, you have a product business, or you’re just getting started, this course will help you take it to the next level.

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