Performance Management

Accelerate employees on the path to optimum performance

The growth and development of your business requires maximizing the productivity of each employee. Keep your team on track and help them reach their full potential with our performance management system, tools, and training and development for position-specific performance objectives.



  1. Develop and launch a Performance Management program for all group employees
  2. Assist managers to identify goals that will be used to assess individual employees
  3. Identify criteria/competencies for the performance management process
  4. Evaluate employees as part of performance management
  5. Assist managers to evaluate employees or use a performance management system
  6. Consolidate and enter performance management results into a system
  7. Mediate disputed performance management results


Performance Management strategy & approach.

Corporate, functional and Employee Goals and KPIs.

Performance Management system.

Balanced Score cards strategy Maps.

Performance management Training program.


Labor Law.

Corporate Policies.

Social Insurance law.

Child Rights/Legislation.

Labor office.

Tax Regulations.

SOX Controls.

Other as applicable.


  1. Customer contacted within 2 working days to determine requirements and timeframe.
  2. Remote and onsite support
  3. Respond to inquiries/Requests within 2Business Days.
  4. Immediate Action for urgent Request.
  5. Actions completed within policy requirements.
  6. Monthly Reports on agreed KPIs.
  7. Access to a dedicated point of contact when needed or to handle more complex operational HR issues to complement your in-house resource
  8. Access to a library of our HR document templates
  9. Phone & Email Support.
  10. As Agreed with Customer.


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