Pre-IPO Preparation

We ready companies for public listing through the implementation of financial controls, formalized governance, investor relations, transaction structuring, and regulatory preparation.

Positioning for the public markets

The path to a successful IPO is demanding, with little room for missteps. We make this arduous process systematic through our end-to-end guidance. Companies that undertake the preparation journey with us reap benefits far beyond accessing growth capital.

The disciplines required to operate as a listed entity spur broader enterprise maturation. Our clients undergo meaningful improvements across finance, governance, operations, technology, and investor relations.

The organizational enhancements made unlock value long after the IPO transaction. With our support, leadership teams keep their focus on driving the business forward confidently, knowing a trusted advisor is managing the public markets preparation intricacies.

Our experience de-risking and smoothing the journey results in a successful IPO foundationally stronger companies.

Implement accounting standards like IFRS or GAAP

Establish automated reporting, planning and analysis

Formalize internal controls and risk management

Obtain audited financial statements

Define board structure, committees and charters

Create governance policies like conflict of interest

Develop robust investor relations function

Oversee executive compensation design

Enhance IT systems, cybersecurity safeguards

Institute formal procurement processes

Develop IR content/collateral and messaging

Assist with exchanges, investment bank selection

Manage listing process and regulatory filings

Draft IPO prospectus and lead investor roadshows


We ready enterprises for public listing by implementing the financial systems, governance, controls, and processes required to meet regulatory requirements and effectively access the capital markets.

Key Deliverables

  • Readiness Assessment Report
  • Project Plan for IPO Preparation
  • Audited Financial Statements
  • Governance Policies and Manuals
  • Executive Compensation Program Design
  • Investor Targeting Strategy
  • IPO Prospectus and Regulatory Filings
  • Investor Roadshow Presentations and Marketing Materials

Our phased approach allows us to systematically guide clients through the demanding preparation process leading up to a successful IPO transaction. We can tailor the scope based on specific needs and gaps uncovered in the readiness assessment.