Social Insurance Services

Social insurance is critical to employees especially in bad economic times and represents substantial cost to the employer.



  1. Adding new employees to your company’s files at the insurance office.
  2. Payment of the company’s monthly social insurance.
  3. Changing employee’s job title in the insurance form.
  4. Exporting the legal forms 1, 2 and 6, keeping an updated records of all types of vacations for each employee.
  5. In addition to provide social insurance print outs straight from our office authorized and stamped for any purpose they may require. 


Legal forms 1, 2 and 6.

Compliance Reports.

NOSI Token.

Payout & Reconciliations.


Labor Law.

Corporate Policies.

Social Insurance law.

Child Rights/Legislation.

Labor office.

Tax Regulations.

SOX Controls.

Other as applicable.


  1. Customer contacted within 2 working days to determine requirements and timeframe.
  2. Remote and onsite support
  3. Respond to inquiries/Requests within 2Business Days.
  4. Immediate Action for urgent Request.
  5. Actions completed within policy requirements.
  6. Monthly Reports on agreed KPIs.
  7. Access to a dedicated point of contact when needed or to handle more complex operational HR issues to complement your in-house resource
  8. Access to a library of our HR document templates
  9. Phone & Email Support.
  10. As Agreed with Customer.


A Free Consultation.

multiple tier options available.

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Monthly Retainer against service hours.