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The success of any technology implementation lies with full adoption. Yet many customers get stuck with administration and maintenance, preventing them from driving adoption and ongoing value realization.
Our Solution Management Services help you focus on your core mission by leveraging our expertise and delivery capabilities to manage your solution end to end, freeing you to shift IT cost from operations and drive value back to the business. We help you out-task solution management responsibilities and redirect your resources towards using the solutions, driving adoption, and continuously thinking about how to make them better to derive more business value.
We are also extremely aware that sustaining the value you got and protecting your investment over the long term are critical to you continuing to benefit from your solution. This flexible, pay-per-use, fully managed model for enterprise-grade automation and orchestration accelerates delivery, reduces costs, and increases efficiency, productivity, and user satisfaction.

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Application Management Services

The application management services market scope comprises services used for managing different kinds of  applications. The phases considered include the deployment and maintenance phases, and exclude the testing and development phases.


  • Application Portfolio Assessment
  • Application Security
  • Web Application Security
  • Mobile Application Security
  • Application Modernization
  • Cloud  Migration
  • Application Integration
  • Application replat forming
  • UI Modernization
  • Application Maintenance and Support
  • Application Managed Services
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Our team has expertise in running eCommerce marketplace programs, optimally and profitably. Automating what can be automated and performing the rest for you. We can quickly improve your customer acquisition rates and grow marketplace revenue streams whilst ensuring stock levels are managed and maintained across all the channels you sell on.
We look after everything needed to launch your marketplace store. Store setup, technical channel integration, policy configuration, launch planning and marketplace liaison, it’s all in a days work! We’ll drive the process and commit to launching your store in under 5 weeks. We even help you find a suitable fulfilment provider.
Our team monitors the health of your store 24×7 and work with you proactively to adverse events are resolved before their impact your seller rating. Our customer service team respond to consumer queries promptly on your behalf and manages product and seller feedback carefully.

E-Commerce Management Services

Product & Content Management

Whether you have one product or thousands of products, our services will help you increase sales, create A+ detail pages, and minimize product returns. See below for a full list of our product & content management services:

  • Brand Management Processes to Control Product Reputation
  • Create Original Product Titles, Bullet Points, & Descriptions
  • Search Engine Optimization Services to Increase Free & Organic Site Traffic
  • High Resolution Product Photography
  • Provide Accurate Product Data
  • Provide a Centralized Location to Retrieve Marketplace Product Data
  • Product Categorization for Amazon, eBay, & Websites
  • Product Detail Listing Page Creation

E-Commerce Marketing Services


Having a tough time introducing your new product to the world? Let us help spread the word with our marketing services! These services are designed to help raise awareness about your product offering while sending out the messages that you want to be heard. Check out the list below to see all of our e-commerce marketing services:

  • Website Design & Management
  • Ad Campaign Landing Page Design
  • Private Label Tape & Package Design
  • Create and/or Improve Social Media Pages
  • Social Media Management
  • Marketplace Coupon Offers
  • Paid Advertising Budget Management
  • Visual Display Ad Creation
  • Backlink Profile Management
  • Email Marketing Services
  • Animated & Live Video Production

E-Commerce Marketplace Management


We understand that starting out can be a steep learning curve for any new company. Don’t be intimated! We’re here to help you avoid costly mistakes and get the most out of your online marketplace experience.

  • Marketplace Brand Development & Management
  • Marketplace Performance Consultation & Support
  • Marketplace Advertising Campaign Strategy Setup
  • Marketplace Advertising Campaign Management
  • Enhanced Brand Content Page Creation & Management
  • Marketplace Product Content Creation & Management
  • General Third-Party Marketplace Setup

Inventory, Fulfillment, & Logistics Services

 These services are designed to help you manage and purchase inventory. Our experienced team is ready to analyze and provide insight on ways to help you better manage both your in-house inventory and available inventory from outside vendors.

  • Analyze & Advise on the Right Inventory Management System
  • Inventory Management Systems Setup & Implementation
  • Inventory Reporting & Forecasting
  • Inventory Sourcing for Branded Products
  • Virtual Inventory Consultation
  • Inventory Exporting & Importing from Vendor to Marketplace
  • Fulfillment Process Consultation Services
  • Identify & Resolve Fulfillment Inefficiencies
  • Robust Monthly Reporting of Fulfillment Performance Trends

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