BP Outsourcing

We provide flexible, cost-effective outsourcing services for critical business processes including finance and accounting, procurement, HR administration, and supply chain management.


Integrated into your Business Processes

Business Circles technology and systems are based on open standards, so where additional business customization is required, Business Circles easily integrates with other applications to increase the overall value of information, and to deliver the optimum business value.

High Availability with Brilliant Simplicity

We simply Act like an extension of your business so that you can focus on what you do best and where your customers need you most. Go beyond templates and call centers and get real service and advice. Our dedicated professionals acts as an extension of your team, understands legislative and business laws and best practices that may impact your business, and helps to guide you through your business and operational challenges at every step.

HR Outsourcing Services

We offer a range of regular services to cater to you every day HR needs as well as some that require special expertise. We offer these with a flexible model – either on an ongoing basis or as-per-need; in house, or through outsourcing. Some areas covered include:


Getting the best talent when you need someone new

Temporary & Contract Staffing

Helping you with non-regular manpower resources

Payroll Outsourcing

Timely and accurate calculations with optimal tax implications

Labor Law Compliance

Ensuring that you’re doing it right


Sharpening individual skills, Honing an organisation’s capabilities

HR on Demand

Providing you all the turnkey solution to properly administer a comprehensive HR Program


Getting the best talent when you need someone new

HRMS On Cloud

Easy access to info, anytime, anywhere

Why BPO?


Easy adaptation to out burdens and workloads volatility.
Flexibility to make changes to current processes.
Quick implementation of new services. Global response


Transforming fix costs into variable costs.
Achieving lower cost per operation.
Reducing space at customer’s workplace.
Decreasing investment in IT infrastructure.


Allowing customer to focus on core business.
Resources (HR / Funds) are available for core business activities.


Process standardization.
Ensuring ongoing improvement (best practices).
Learning from other’s experience.


Systems that allow quick an efficient response.
Specific knowledge of the operations and systems.
Exhaustive quality control through SLA., allowing early identification of problems and immediate reaction in a preventive and corrective way.

Why Outsourcing to Business Circles?

Better Customer Satisfaction

Achieving enhanced levels of customer satisfaction, and leaving that job to the experts

Lower Cost

Never pay for unused capacity again. Avail of the diverse talent of a pool of professionals at a reasonable cost

Time to Customer

Reduce average contact-handling time.

Eliminate overhead

Tap services of an operational and marketing management team minus the overheads

Location independence

Agents can easily work remotely without sacrificing functionality

Peace of Mind

Business Circles BPO maintains the technology and infrastructure so you can focus on your core business

Disaster Recovery

Route around network issues with cloud-based technology

Centralized Admin & monitoring

Managers and supervisors remain in-touch and in control