Venture Studio

We help corporates and investors translate ideas into new ventures through our proven studio model encompassing ideation, incubation, validation, and scaling.

Enabling Corporate Innovation

As a Venture studio, Business Circles is structured to repeatedly build and launch products and/or companies. Aided by shared infrastructure and resources which increase a startup’s chance of success and optimize its creation and growth. Led with design thinking and rapid prototyping, Business Circles also co-build products with their portfolio startup companies as an extension of the core studio team.

We employ a long-established strategy of sector-focused investing across all our markets. We seek to invest in well-positioned ventures/Startups across diverse sectors with a solid Business Model, tangible growth prospects and strong management teams.

What we do & our Approach

We are a Venture ecosystem builders. One venture at a time! As venture builders, we will have end-to-end in-house expertise to ideate, plan, develop, test & validate our own ideas & scale them up on the success of the studio model, we will also welcome cohorts of early-stage startups to our studio so that we can co-build their products with our core studio team.

From inception to proof-of-concept, validation, initial customer acquisition & scale, we take every step using rapid solution prototyping & design thinking, an effective approach to new product development that keeps a human-centered design process at its core.

We will closely work with some of the brightest & promising early-stage startups & entrepreneurs who join our studio as cohorts. We will co-create & co-build together to grow & scale new ventures by offering access to our resources.

Explore & engage promising early- stage startups through our vast network & via our portal to be our cohort entrepreneurs.

We provide 3-4 months of mentorship, connecting each team with established mentors in their field. We will also launch state-of-the-art fellowship.

We will support founders with early- stage funding to get startups off the ground and work tirelessly for access to follow-on capital to scale.

Establish a studio co-creating space to cultivate synergy & boost collaborative creativity.

Provide our in-house expertise to assist with end-to-end support including business plan, legal, accounting & marketing.

Host impact driven events like demo days at our studio while leveraging our founder’s nationwide recognition in the tech space.

The Investor’s Perspective